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Chatham Wealth Management is a SEC registered investment advisor serving high net worth individuals, retirement plans and trusts. The Firm and its predecessors have been in business since 1978.. We are located in Chatham, New Jersey, which allows us close proximity to Wall Street research analysts and other professional contacts. Our portfolio managers average more than 25 years of investment management experience, and we are dedicated to satisfying each client's personal objective.

Chatham Wealth Management is privately owned and provides personalized investment management for each client based upon age, income needs, growth targets and other key considerations. We draw upon several research sources and meet regularly to update our internal list of investment opportunities. Each of the investment professionals brings a depth of experience to the firm, including expertise in managing equities, as well as fixed income securities and estate planning.

Our investment philosophy and client service approach sets us apart from other firms. Chatham Wealth Management's primary goal is not to make our clients wealthy, as they are already successful professionals and entrepreneurs. Instead, our focus is to manage their wealth in a prudent manner, helping them balance their income needs to maintain their lifestyle, while protecting their principal from inflation. In addition, we believe that a tax efficient approach is critical to insuring a successful multi-generational wealth management strategy.

We recognize that our clients are unique and that is why we customize investment solutions to meet their specific needs. While one of our investment professionals will be your primary portfolio manager, our entire team is at your service to insure a highly personalized experience.

We believe that superior long-term investment performance is grounded in disciplined security-specific selection. Investment decisions are based on bottom-up research on a company's management and fundamentals. We look for companies with a shareholder-minded management and above average long-term growth prospects.

We are a fee-based organization and as such, we avoid conflicts of interest that can arise within broker or sales based management companies. As fiduciaries, we put our clients' interests ahead of our own.