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Investment Services

Our Approach

Fully Customized Portfolios

The Chatham Wealth Management team will review all your current assets and obligations, as well as discuss your risk tolerance, time horizons and asset preferences. Our investment management firm then constructs individualized portfolios using US and international equities with bond and satellite investments tailored to your goals and in coordination with your other assets and obligations.

Holistic Financial Planning

Our investment portfolio management and financial planning process keeps your entire financial picture in focus, even accounts that we do not manage for no additional fees. Our investment services will help you avoid a “junk drawer” of financial pieces and draw a cohesive financial picture for today and tomorrow.

Fiduciary Standards

As an SEC regulated fiduciary, our investment management company always puts your interests first ahead of our own interests. Our investment services are not tied to specific product pipelines like many other advisors. This offers us greater flexibility in customizing your portfolio to your specific wishes. Additionally, as fiduciaries, Chatham Wealth Management does not earn commissions on any investments purchased on your behalf. 

Fee-Based Compensation

Unlike some other investment management firms, our investment services come without the surprise charges of many other asset management companies. We structure our investment service fees based on a percentage of assets invested with us to focus on maximizing your gains, while keeping your risk tolerance and time horizon in mind.

Effortless Investing

You worked hard accumulating your savings, and your financial future deserves specialized attention. Our Certified Financial Planners® and relationship managers are experts with decades of success. Our investment management company utilizes our professionals' valuable industry connections, access to resources, information, and research to aid us in generating growth and income while preserving capital and minimizing tax implications. Let us manage your investments while you manage your life.

Investment Philosophy 

Chatham Wealth Management’s investment services do not simply follow trends; we maintain our discipline of owning securities or high quality companies with solid balance sheets and a long-term positive outlook. We believe retirement planning involves a measured, structured long-term strategy with short-term tactical changes while being tax efficient. Our customized portfolio management strategies represent a core and satellite approach diversified by asset class and geographic region. Our investment management firm then reviews our holdings daily to rebalance and reallocate assets based on economic and market changes and make timely investment decisions for our clients.

Core Investments

Our investment services allocate core equities among various domestic and international sectors designed to preserve principal, generate consistent revenue streams, appreciate in value, and provide liquidity. Some vehicles our investment management company focuses on include:

  • Individual Stocks 
  • Preferred Stocks
  • Select Mutual Funds
  • American Depository Receipts (ADRs)
  • Certificates of Deposit (CDs)
  • Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs)
  • Municipal and Corporate Bonds
  • Government Treasuries

Satellite Investments

Our wealth management services often include constructing a “satellite” portion of our portfolios to take advantage of short-term inefficiencies and opportunities in the market. Our investment management firm has the resources to offer some unique investment products other customized investment portfolio management firms cannot provide including: 

  • Inflation Protected Securities
  • Floating Rate Bank Loans
  • Index Linked CD’s
  • Non-Dollar Denominated Bonds
  • Real Estate Investment Trusts (REIT’s)
  • Specialized Structured Products to Mitigate Volatility

More Than Investment Portfolio Management

Client Centered

Our investment management company combines our advisors’ years of experience, market research, and unparalleled client relationships to make investing in your future effortless. Optimal performance is more than just buying low and selling high.

Experienced Professionals

We are a team of investment portfolio management professionals with more than 35 years of experience. Through our years of experience in fixed-income equities, securities, and investment  services, we have seen it all in bull and bear markets and in our clients’ lives. Our investment strategy takes the emotion out of investing to get our clients through unexpected times and help you plan for a comfortable future. 

Dedicated Advisory Team

We offer our clients our most valued asset – contact - while saving them their most treasured asset - time. As part of our investment services you will be able to speak with the decision makers on your account and will have a dedicated advisor to guide you through whatever you need. Whether in person, on the phone, or over a video conference call, the entire team will help you meet today's necessities while planning for your dreams.

Superior Customer Service

Our investment service model enables you to focus on your life while our firm manages your investment accounts. Chatham Wealth Management's client services team makes opening an account effortless and provides support whenever needed. Your advisor is regularly available to speak to you in our offices or at whatever location best suits you to foster a better understanding of your account performance. Our clients never wait in a phone queue or email a nameless customer service agent. You will learn our names as well as we learn yours.

Ready to Watch Your Investments Grow?

At Chatham Wealth Management, you are not just another account number. We are your partners in reaching your financial goals and aspirations. Contact our investment management company today and let us get to work on investing for your life today and your dreams for tomorrow.

Thank you!