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How To Enhance The Yield On Your Cash?

How To Enhance The Yield On Your Cash?

June 09, 2023

Buying High Yield Savings, T-bills, and CD’s Will Help!

Do you have a plan? Our three bucket strategy could get you on track. Cash or cash equivalents are used to fill bucket #1 (short term needs) of the three buckets we talk about when doing a deep dive into a comprehensive financial plan for our clients. We use this strategy so assets in bucket #2 (intermediate financial goals) and bucket #3 (longer term financial goals) are not dipped into prematurely to meet short term needs, interrupting a client's timeline of achieving their longer term goals.

Deciding how much to put into bucket #1 (short term needs) depends on many variables including, risk tolerance and the ability to live within your means. Those that spend less than they earn can afford to hold less of a cushion in their short-term bucket. 

Within bucket #1, you can hold more than just cash in a bank account. In order to enhance the return you receive, you should use a mini bucket strategy.  First make sure you have a few months of daily living expenses in a savings or checking account.  After you determine that amount, you can put some extra cash in a high yield savings account (see some examples below). You could also buy a combination of T-bills and FDIC insured CD’s with short maturities yielding more than 5% currently (see current rates). These T-bills are extremely liquid, and guaranteed by full the faith and credit of US government. FDIC insured CD’s are also liquid but not as liquid as a T-bill.

When constructing your short-term bucket do not forget about FDIC limits. As the recent regional bank runs show it’s not worth stressing about the safety your “safe” assets. My advice is to keep things simple.

Below are some current offerings* which could be used to build your customized short-term needs bucket.

US Government T-bills

4 weeks 5.06%

2 months 5.14%

3 months 5.14%

6 months 5.18%

(Source: Bloomberg 5/30/23)

High yield savings

Bask Bank 4.75% APY No minimum

CIT Bank 4.85% ($5000 min)

UFB Direct 4.81% (No Minimum)

(Source: Investopedia 5/30/23)


3 months 5.3% 9/7/23 5.3% Pacific Premier bank

6 months 5.25% 12/4/23 5.25% Santander Bank (DE)

10 months 5.25% 3/4/23 5.25% Associated Bank (WI)

1 year 5.15% 6/3/24 5.15%  BMO Harris (II)

*All offerings and rates are examples only and are subject to availability.

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